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The Peripatetic Butterfly


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I'm Beth, "the peripatetic butterfly", and this is my website – it's just a bit of fun… with some chatter about the things that interest me most. It's very much under construction at the moment – I've been planning this website overhaul for years, and finally am making myself get off my butt and just do something.

I will still keep the site split into sections –

The Personal Stuff – with some basic info on me, and some of my interests, favourite stuff, a bit of info on NZ, and some general links. I'll possibly have a link to my blog, once I decide which one to stick with. Oh and I'll probably have a bit on my job search – ie anyone looking for someone to work for them – basic resume / cv should be up on the site once I get it off the ground.

The Writing stuff – with some of my favourites (poetry, books, lyrics, blogs, journalism sites, etc). And there will also be a personal writing section, with examples of my own writing (poetry, sci-fi convention reviews, essays and articles, and again probably a link to my blog, and maybe mention of WIPs (works in progress).

The Celebrity Stuff – here I'll have some pages dedicated to my favourite celebrities, with just basic info, a photo or three, links to sites to find out more, and a bit of a write up on why I like them. I've streamlined this section a bit, cutting down the amount of celebs I'm really interested in. Kind of found that hard, but wanted it that way in the end. So at the moment the select few are: Sir Cliff Richard (no surprises there); Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson; Annette Bening. And then there are two new additions: Phil Darkins (a local singer / musician / songwriter that I really like – and want to put in a plug for); and Richard E. Grant (my latest fan-girl crush – that quite took me by surprise – but he's just so interesting, funny, and downright gorgeous too!).

There are a couple of reasons behind the name of this site –

A couple of years ago I did this Self Portrait thing with the help of a good friend – answering several questions, and then ‘word-weaving' (my friend's term) my responses to discover themes and motifs running through my life. It helped to put some things into perspective, and also helped to highlight some of my passions (some I was aware of, and others that were kind of hidden beneath the surface).

Anyway, my friend gave me back the word-weaved tome and had the idea of a kind of logo for the front – it was a butterfly, with a black and white body, and multi-coloured wings… I really liked this… and so it kind of stuck with me.

There's also a little homage to my family here – “the mind of an inebriated butterfly”, my Gran used this phrase in the book she had published a few years ago “Peripatetic Notes” – a potted history she wrote on her life, and dedicated to her grandchildren. She said that Granddad used this phrase to describe her meandering style at times.

And the ‘peripatetic' seems to perfectly suit my own meandering style.

Also – I often think the butterfly thing makes me think of one of my favourite writers, Rudyard Kipling, and one of his wonderful “Just So Stories”, ‘The butterfly that Stamped'.


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